DATE: january 2020

LOCATION: undisclosed highrise

PROGRAM: residential

AREA: 40 sq.m.

Here a small highrise apartment is refurbished in a very limited project where we work only on the living room and leave the original kitchen and bathroom spaces intact. To give an urban penthouse a more relaxed and stress-reducing effect here once again a big amount of greenery was used to create a dreamy quasi-landscaping space with a rivulet and a swing by the window. 

The rest of the living area with a very minimal embedded furniture and storage spaces enclosed within the silicone-covered curvy walls is made in a way that emulates a cavern. However, the space is kept usable and reasonably functional with lots of embedded functions within the space surfaces: the lighting systems are in the ridges between the surfaces, the surfaces are sensing and automated and they unfold to discover the storage areas if necessary. The curtains and hanging plants keep the space open and bright as the room we are working on is quite reduced.