DATE: february 2014

LOCATION: Valladolid, Spain

PROGRAM: residential, educational

AREA: 3346 sq.m.

This is a diploma project developed for a real location in a mid-tier Spanish city, on a tiny corner plot in front of a cozy urban plaza. As for the program, it should be a mixed-use building with a public community center and a preschool for 0 to 6 year-olds on lower floors and residential apartments on the top levels. 

The adopted composition with modular cubic shapes extended over the back concrete canvas wall has a practical purpose of regularizing the plot geometry and keeping the building up to the fire safety codes with the concrete part, and giving the building a recognizable and playful look with the floating cubes effect, which also improve the costs and construction process by the virtue of being prefabricated.

The abundant terrace spaces and the the patio contain important amounts of greenery to keep the living spaces fresh, and to give the preschool children an opportunity of playing in somewhat open green spaces within the city.