The main purpose of this constructive solution is to allow to carry out cultivation activities easily within buildings while keeping the livable spaces as spacious and convenient to use as possible. This is why most of the facilities and implements needed for growing such as soil and roots, watering systems and ventilation setup, are all hidden within the surfaces. 

The cleaning and watering functions are automated and self-offsetting so no human attention is is required to keep the greenery alive on a day-to-day basis.


This system can be used in multiple geometric configurations and the cultivation can be done in floor, walls, beams, over either curved or straight surfaces

Depending on the plant variety and the spatial requirements, plants can poke out into the living space in two ways: a minimal solution where plant stems grow through a narrow slit in the floor or wall surface, and a more broad solution where plants are covered by a semipermeable and steppable-on mesh that allows for a more meadowy compositions to arise while being still a funtional part of the room where it’s located.


A hidden under the surfaces structure keeps the cultivation baskets in place while allowing for adjustments in plant positions, and the cavity where the roots and the soil are located are well ventilated, watered and cleaned out automatically without the need to move plants at all. In fact, the growing space takes care of itself without the need to even oversee the maintenance processes and they can be carried out in a timed manner throughout the months of life of the plants.



A key part of the system is the nozzle that goes into the planting baskets  and is in charge of delivering water and measuring and mixing nutrients needed in an automated and simple way. Simple adjustments allow to regulate the desirable soil humidity levels and an appropriate nutrient regime for each plant separately allowing to grow many different plants together in the same space without needing a complex controlling system to have everything working smoothly. The plants have access to water, nutrients and air and can grow for months without any human intervention at all. This makes this growing system a realistic solution for people who desire to grow edible plants indoors while having busy lives.

The spaces that this cultivation system allows to design are quite elegant and livable and promote a better mental wellbeing and a grounded everyday experience in addition to, of course, growing real edible plants that will improve people’s health as well.