DATE: may 2019

LOCATION: undisclosed

PROGRAM: residence

AREA: 83 sq.m.

A very simple minimal residential project with a home office and a greenhouse area on the top floor, with some integrated greenery and a modular construction backbone which is quite regular and conventional, but can be worked upon and automatized and improved further. 

The facade shape is inspired by the solar greenhouse geometry and the contrast between the opaque and transparent parts is adjusted to the solar orientation in order to maximize the solar exposure for the greenery located behind the facade on the branchy structures that work as shading, storage areas and space decoration. The north facade is opaque and contains storage and facilities, as well as rainwater deposits for the watering needs of the house.

The flaky transparent facade has embedded hydraulic piping that will curve and open under intense sunlight in an automatic manner as it happens in the greenhouses, and the water flowing through the facade surfaces also will decrease the heat inside the sunlit spaces without diminishing light intensity needed to grow the abundant plants, especially on the top floor of the building.

The plant species here are quite common vegetables on lower floor with some tropical heat-loving plants at the second floor with a more experimental space layout.